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Breaking Our Limits

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Hello #OMvibetribe!

We’re on a 21-day detox from our daily social media engagements because we’re forced to take a break. We’re energetically pushed to add more products to cater different levels of consciousness.

As the days go by, it makes sense to us why we need to do this. After all, we offer sacred healing tools to help you navigate your spiritual awakening process. Everyone has to be catered as much as we can.

Promise, we’ll be back with more good stuff!

A good friend’s quote for the week just arrived right on time too. Thank you for the message, Jeff.

Destroying doesn’t always mean harming.
We demolish old buildings to build new ones.
We unlearn old habits to learn better ones.
Like the chick that breaks its shell when hatching,
May we break away from our self-imposed limitations.
God bless us all with unlimited success!



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