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My 365 Days with the Orgonites

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It’s exactly 365 days ago that I was guided to bring orgonites into my life. I thought it would be fun to check where they brought me today.

November 2015 
Due to my Pranic Healing background, I was intrigued by the power of subtle energies influencing our bodies, thoughts and emotions that go beyond our multi-dimensional realities. So, I wanted to use a tool to set a positive mood 24/7 for my family, spa clients and staff with no fuss on clearing it. I researched that orgonites can do the work. After intending to order, immediately, I was led to the best makers in the country.

December 2015
Since I received the orgonites, I felt a surge of energy pushing me to share them at once to the right people, place, and events. I was selling them like a mad scientist opening the space to discuss our metaphysical abilities. It’s sad that many of us forgot our energy healing ability.

January 2016
It dawned on me that we should claim our right to well-being. Health is free and we’re solely responsible for it. While I didn’t have concrete expectations on how lives will be changed, I only had my enthusiasm to start the year right.

February 2016
I felt driven to fully live a vegetarian lifestyle. So, I enrolled in a 30-day Naturopathy class in Cebu. My body and mind totally went for a reset. I got my prescribed detox regimen with graduated fasting, natural treatments, vegetarian cooking, yoga, meditation and kiirtan. I survived a 10-day juice fast and a 20-day plant-based diet; enjoyed the colema cleanse, mud packs and infrared sauna; had a personal yoga routine. I rekindled my love for cooking, awakened my heart for devotional chanting and connected deeply to a few of our classmates.

March 2016
For whatever reason, it felt right to get a sanskrit name through Ananda Marga. I was named Prapatti;  it means total surrender to the Divine — a relentless letting go of what I think I want and how I think I want things to be. Whenever I use Prapatti, I will be auto-suggesting and embodying its spiritual vibration like a mantra. The initial struggle was detaching from my birth name, Fiona Jade, that had its own identity attached.

April 2016
By this time, I learned also about Pure Earth Project, an orgonite gifting movement, to protect the Philippines from EMF radiation. I was alarmed to find so many cell sites in every corner in Cebu City disrupting our cells, immune system and mental health. Shielding our home with the 50-km radius chembuster was a priority purchase.

May 2016
We surely now have the strongest orgonite on our veranda. Strong impulses to declutter my life in all aspects — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual — builded up. Books, clothes, stuff and friends had to go. Unexpectedly, I got a 100% rent increase notice from my lessor. Silently, I resolved to close the spa business after 11 years of serving the community.

June 2016
Meanwhile, I went to Bali, Indonesia for another 30-day spiritual lifestyle immersion with Ananda Marga. It was a sweet escape from the seemingly sudden circumstance. I didn’t want to think yet on my next steps. My anxiety developed into an itchy skin all over my legs. But when I landed in NAIA, the itch was instantly gone leaving scars to finally face the situation.

July 2016
While waiting for July to end, I was preparing for staff reassignments, supplier notices, client advisories, garage sale and demolition plans. On the side, I was mentally preparing for clarity and guidance. It’s both exciting to be released and scary to be rebooted.

August 2016
One day at a time, I was in the demolition for 20 days, asking me to sit through it with patience, trust and grace. I had to believe in the perfect unfolding of rebirth and growth after death. I gave my best to leave the space clean and ready for the new tenant.

September 2016
Then a 3-day Inner Dance Energy School facilitators’ training was offered in Cebu. My first Inner Dance session was a year ago. I wanted to understand where I am now. As we’re doing the sessions, my ego death turned into a silent funeral of a Roman empress. I felt so relaxed, loved and one with all around me with no guilt, shame or judgement.

October 2016
The orgonites made me work, rest, cry and laugh. Yet, their wisdom allowed insights, visions, and energy to flow through me as they continue to expand my awareness and consciousness. They also brought me to learn Reiki, start writing a blog and painting again to express my creative soul.

Indeed, we are sovereign beings and from hereon, I answer the call to adventure! What could possibly go wrong?

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Nikola Tesla

November 11, 2016


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